• Deine Lakaien
  • Helium Vola
  • Distain!
  • Helga Pogatschar
  • Silence
  • Qntal I+II (early works)
  • Estampie
  • Ernst Horn (Solo-Works)
  • Stendal Blast
  • Oliver Dean
  • Das Holz
  • Niowt
  • Run Run Vanguard
  • Inside
  • Kirchohmfeld
  • Fairies Fortune
  • The Eternal Afflict
  • Idee des Nordens
  • Love is Colder than Death
  • Soul in Isolation
  • Cyan kills E.Coli

The Chrom Records Retrospective 1988–2007

This website is a retrospective of Chrom Records, from the beginnings 1988 to 2007.

This private website could be set up by popular demand because there is new software and technology, which made old files, collected in many years, becoming accessible again.

We hope you will enjoy this website!

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