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In the 1990s, digital media and image scanning technologies were still in their very beginnings. Megabytes were a luxury and many pictures of that time were far under 1 MB and picture disturbances were very frequent. Therefore the picture material on this website often looked a little spongy. Partly this could be concealed somehow in the title pictures with pretty picture effects.

But now there is new software on the market that uses artificial intelligence to create amazing magnification and sharpening possibilities. We now had the fun to have all 1500 pictures of this website recalculated overnight here in the agency with the help of this software and powerful hardware.

In rare individual cases the results are not yet 100% but in the vast majority of cases we have been able to restore very good images.

Version 4 of this website has been released. There were lots of design updates but no new content was added this time.

A little foretaste of the live DVD of the XXX Tour from Deine Lakaien on YouTube!

This live video production is my co-operation with CrazyClipTV from Hamburg. Beautiful memories!

New image from Soul in Isolation found. We had almost no material from the band left, so this is a nice surprise.

After ten studio albums and a range of live performances, spanning from acoustic concerts with a prepared piano, and shows as a band with classical instruments and synthesizer park, to an orchestra tour with its highlight at the Alte Oper Frankfurt in front of 2,500 people, Deine Lakaien are celebrating their anniversary with a singular retrospective.

We have a new version of this homepage. Many small fixes and layout updates. Enjoy!

We found the Flash files from the former intro pages of the Helium Vola web project.

We converted the Flash file into video, so you can watch the result without plugins. Works best in fullscreen mode:

On 16 September the new Deine Lakaien website has been launched.

The website is a collaboration of Deine Lakaien (new content), Carl Erling TBA (programming) and Colour-ize (translations, beta testing).

In the following weeks we plan to do a lot of tweeks and addition there, as well as finishing all translations.

Starting with Deine Lakaien, the English content is being updated the coming weeks.