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Carl Erling, Berlin, 6 Feb 2016

Thank you for all the “Likes” and comments on the various bands’ facebook pages. This is a valuable feedback.

Especially I want to thank the ProcessWire-Team for making this website the “Site of the week”. This is a reward for the technical and aesthetical aspect of a website, and is not about music, so this connects me to the present and my daily work.

ProcessWire is a modern, fast, first class Content Management System, so a lot of advanced software coders are working for and with it, worldwide. The listed “Site of the Week” websites are all top notch and show well what you can do with ProcessWire - from neat personal projects to even something like full blown university websites. If they mention our project, this means something.

Chrom-Records - Processwire Site of the Week


So, thank you all for your responses, this is very encouraging for me to continuing with this project.

Chrom-Records - Processwire Site of the Week