Das Holz

  Acoustic · instrumental

Originallly, Das Holz have got the unique line up of only two violins and drums. With their driving compositions, which might be the soundtrack to your own inner film, the ensemble tells stories that are carried by an endless stream of wonderful melodies. Words are not important, only the language of the instruments counts.

Das Holz (the band of former Deine-Lakaien-violinist Christian Komorowski) was founded 1993. The debut album was released at the Trikont label, from the second album the band was on Chrom Records, where they released two more albums.

Among their musical influences, Das Holz name the folk music of Eastern Europe as well as the minimal music of Philip Glass. Originality and joy in improvising may best describe this ensemble. Its music modulates the motto of Descartes: I am telling stories, therefore I am.

Das Holz - Hermann Beesten, Christian Komorowski, Kati Gramß
Das Holz - Hermann Beesten, Christian Komorowski, Kati Gramß

    Releases at
    Chrom Records:

    Band Members

    • Christian Komorowski
    • Hermann Beesten jr.
    • Kati Gramß

    Special Members

    • Sven Regener
    • Alexander Veljanov
    • Susie van der Meer
    • El Conde
    • B. Deutung

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