Deine Lakaien

Release Information 1995
Deine Lakaien: Acoustic

Live Album

A unique documentation of the completely sold-out 1995 “Acoustic” tour. Deine Lakaien, this time a classic duo - “unplugged”, just “prepared piano” and vocals. Alexander Veljanov’s unique voice and Ernst Horn’s furious piano play are an impressive combination.

Deine Lakaien Acoustic 1995

“Prepared piano” means that the piano is prepared in the manner of John Cage: glasses, metals, papers etc. are put onto the strings. And strings and corpus are treated with drum sticks. This creates weird percussion-sounds, when touched, and thus enrich the piano sound in many surprising ways. - A proof of the musical abilities of this outstanding band.

Deine Lakaien - Acoustic 95 - Special Edition
1st edition as special edition

All 15 song-recordings are in excellent digital live quality.

“Acoustic” was one of the few live albums, that made it into the German Media Control charts until then.

Deine Lakaien Acoustic 1995

Track list:
  • Love me to the end ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Lonely ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Down down down ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Mindmachine ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Nobody's wounded ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Mirror men ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Walk to the moon ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Wasted years ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • 2nd sun ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Don't wake me up ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Follow me ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Madiel ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Dark star ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Traitors ("Acoustic"-Version)
  • Resurrection machine ("Acoustic"-Version)