Forest Enter Exit - Live
VHS-Video – Deine Lakaien

Forest Enter Exit - Live


The ultimate documentation of the unforgettable ‘93 tour. Good picture- and sound quality (for the time it was produced) convey the atmosphere of these phantastic concerts so perfect you almost feel like you’re actually there!

Recording of the whole concert at Festhalle Durlach in Karlsruhe, 10.12.93. - More than 90 minutes! PAL-Format.

Released: 1995

Track list

  • Walk to the moon (Live-Version)
  • Don't wake me up (Live-Version)
  • Love will not die (Live-Version)
  • Forest (Live-Version)
  • Brainfic (Live-Version)
  • Days gone by (Live-Version)
  • Mirror men (Live-Version)
  • Frühlingstraum (Live-Version)
  • Mindmachine (Live-Version)
  • Resurrection machine (Live-Version)
  • Love me to the end (Live-Version)
  • Follow me (Live-Version)
  • Dark Star (Live-Version)