Deine Lakaien
Forest Enter Exit

Release Information 1993
Deine Lakaien: Forest Enter Exit


1st Edition as luxury edition, beautifully designed! Hand crafted Japanese style paper fold design with magnetic closure:

Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter Exit - Special Edition


Spring 1985

Singer Alexander Veljanov and keyboarder Ernst Horn form Deine Lakaien.


The first record appears in a small edition (self-promoted). The songs on the concept-album, marked by silent melancholy, are speaking of the eternal subject “Struggle and Failure”.


The word spread into the indie-club scene. Deine Lakaien record a further album. This album remains un-released, the musicians concentrate on other music-projects; around the band it becomes quiet.


Gymnastic classX Records becomes keen on the record and because of that on the band. Deine Lakaien sign their first record-contract.


After a production period of one year the duo presents its second album and with that quasi their“official”debut:“DarkStar”.With this album Deine Lakaien offer a closed cycle that describes the subject “love” from various viewpoints. M oving dance-tracks find introverted ballads, demanding and forcing, full of wistfulness and confidence. The tracks again bribe with their musical density and high technical quality. From the indie-press the album received enthusiastic reviews and in the indie-clubs tracks like “Dark Star”, “Reincarnation” and “Love Me To The End” fill the dance floors, where the album will develop to a “classic” within the following two years.

Autumn 1991

Everything goes in quick succession now: W ith the “2nd Star”-M ini CD an additional release (with alternative mixes of the Dark Star album and new pieces, such as “M y Decision” and “Lonely”). In parallel to that the long unavailable first album is re-released as well.

The“Dark Star Tour” follows, on which the band now appears live for the first time. The duo presents itself on stage with two additional musicians: Christian Komorowski (violin) and Michael Popp (fiddle, oud, barrel-organ, E-guitar). As a surprise for the fans and in expanding their studio-concept, Deine Lakaien have overworked all arrangements of their elder titles for this tour.

From now on they offer the audience an exciting synthesis of completely live arranged electronic, vocals and classical instruments. Deine Lakaien manage to even emphasize the tone color of melancholic, partly dreamy, partly aggressive danceable noise-pop - their typical sound - through the perfect new instrumentation.

Spring 1992

The tour is continued in spring ‘92, due to its astonishing success. Here as well again sold out venues, now with even partly up to thousand visitors on the concerts.

Summer 1992

Appearance in the setting of the “Documenta” in Kassel.

Autumn 1992

Honoring the great demand for the live-Versions, classX Records releases a live-record of the “Dark Star Tour”.

Under the name “The Dark Moon-Tour” and in a scale of a little tour (in a double-feature with Stephen Brown & Blaine L. Reininger / “Tuxedomoon”), Deine Lakaien present their set as a duo, pure acoustic with prepared grand piano and vocals, i.a. at Prinzregententheater
Munich and at the Volksbühne Berlin. The daring experiment succeeds; again the concerts are received with enthusiastic agreement by the audience of the sold out tour.

Spring-Autumn 1993

Appearance on the Noise-Now-Festival in Düsseldorf (i.a. together with Einstürzende Neubauten) and as a headliner on the Zillo-Open-Air in Durmersheim. Guest appearance with an acoustic set on Nick Caves “Birthday”-concert in Düsseldorf.

Winter 1993

After nearly two years of interruption new studio material of Deine Lakaien appears: Forest Enter Exit. This album places itself in the German Media Control Charts, where it could last for 6 weeks. Because of the traditional hard fought Christmas-charts, this success is rated as a little sensation by the trade.

Forest Enter Exit is about dream and reality, pictures, that arise in the brain and are shaped by one’s own character. The nine songs on the album lead through the various spots of sublime dreams and human imagination. a very personal audio-trip between appearance and reality. According to the the thematic variety the most different styles of music are connected in typical Deine Lakaien-style on Forest Enter Exit, an additional prove for the band’s musical independence.

The release is followed by a widespread tour, the “Forest Enter Exit”-Tour, this time leading to foreign countries as well (Austria, Switzerland, Prague, Netherlands). Due to their live play of electronics and the fact, that they present their set with the help of acoustic instruments and new arrangements different all the time, their live-concerts remain exciting, in the meantime their proprietary sign. This way Deine Lakaien have become to an exception under the synth-bands.

Spring 1994

Again there is a 2-week-lasting connecting tour on the strength of the great resonance to the “Forest-Enter-Exit”-Tour. After the outstanding success of the “Forest Enter Exit”-album, the title “Mindmachine” is taken out and being released together with two new tracks (among them “Madiel”) on a mini-CD. Under the direction of Nico Beyer a video for “Mindmachine” is produced. This one enters the rotation of the German music-channel VIVA and is also broadcasted by MTV several times, i.a. in “Chill Out”.

Summer 1994

Performance on the “Zillo”-Open Air as well as the “Midsummer”-Open Airs.


A new Acoustic-Tour is to come in March, together with the release of an “Acoustic”-Live-album.
The next studio-album will appear in Jan., 1996, the tour following to that will offer a totally new and quite spectacular concept beside an extra surprise …

Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter Exit - Ticket

Track list:
  • Contact
  • Forest
  • Mindmachine
  • Resurrection Machine
  • Nightmare
  • Follow Me
  • Brain Fic
  • Don't wake me up
  • The walk to the moon