Maxi-CD – Deine Lakaien



“Generators” is a preview to the album “White Lies”. Ernst Horn wrote and produced the song “Generators” to perfectly fit Alexander Veljanov’s voice. The song unites the cosmic strength that Deine Lakaien has been giving their listeners for years.

It’s not just an ark of melancholy but also a symbol of being in good hands and a source of strength which embraces all those who reject the rampantly growing “fun mentality” and the omnipotent behavior of “global players” from the worlds of politics and business.

Deine Lakaien - Generators

It would be pure disloyalty to themselves and to their fans if the duo didn’t pack this single onto a full-blown mini CD with the two exclusive bonus tracks “May Be” and “Life Is (A Sexual Transmitted Disease)”: Remember how the B-side track “Madiel” from the single “Mind Machine” stole the show back in 1994?

The included video clip has no story to tell. It’s part of a visual concept. We move thorough an apparently sterile, white infinity and submerge into a strange world of imagery. New life is created, altered by combining with new mutations, creating chromosome-like silhouettes. Various impressions of anomalies… What seems normal isn’t really normal anymore. Are Deine Lakaien at the mercy of this bizarre, strange world or are they really a part of it?

Released: 2001

Track list

  • Generators (Single Version)
  • May Be
  • Life is...
  • Generators (Club Version)
  • Multimedia Track (Generators-Video)