Winter Fish Testosterone
Studio-Album – Deine Lakaien

Winter Fish Testosterone


It took more than three years for this new studio album to be released in spring 1996. Deine Lakaien just blow all existing borders, beyond all “trends”. They sound brilliant, mature and thus have become the cult band of a whole generation.

From brute electronic beats to enchanting ballads as “Away” and the dancefloor hit “Fighting The Green”, Deine Lakaien set new standards, yet remaining themselves: the typical, inimitable “Lakaien-sound” consisting of Alexander Veljanov’s voice and the as elaborate as detailed electronic sound-sequences runs through the album like a thread and excites the fans.

Deine Lakaien - Winter Fish Testosterone

WOM Journal

The new album again shows clearly the special position that Deine Lakaien have in the pop scene, and that there is innovative electronic music in Germany outside the techno-world.


Being the most experimental German band, on "Winter Fish Testosterone" Veljanov and Ernst Horn create a crossover between electro-pop, wild computer punk and ambitious sound paintings.


An intelligent, mature album, beyond all trendiness.

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Released: 1996

Track list

  • My Winter
  • Fighting the green
  • Cupid's disease
  • Away
  • The cabin door
  • Fish
  • Carriage song
  • Testosterone
  • Manastir baroue
  • As it is
  • My spring
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Titelfoto: Fred Stichnoth