Deine Lakaien
Winter Fish Testosterone

Release Information 1996
Deine Lakaien: Winter Fish Testosterone


The release of a studio album by DEINE LAKAIEN is a rare event. It’s been more than two years since their successful “Forest Enter Exit” release. Now, with “Winter Fish Testosterone”, the duo presents a new album, which again is without comparison in pop music. Their new album again proves their autonomy, which allows them to go their very own way, regardless of short-lived trends.

On “Winter Fish Testosterone”, the strength of this seemingly so dissimilar duo becomes more obvious than ever before: The joy in experimenting and the supreme craft of educated drummer, piano player and conductor Ernst Horn from München, and the charismatic, exceptional voice of Macedonia-born Alexander Veljanov (Berlin) create an unconventional harmony, which made them the unassailable top band in the German independent scene.

But DEINE LAKAIEN don’t make things too easy for their listeners. Already their “Acoustic” album, which contained completely re-arranged live piano versions of their electronic hits, stunned their fans as well as the media. On “Winter Fish Testosterone” they again break down auditory habits and clearly point out the characteristic of all Lakaien releases, which is to do the unexpected just in the right moment.

The weird title “Winter Fish Testosterone” is a combination of three songtitles exemplary for the different moods on the album. As well as one will feel “Winter” - same with “Away” and “As it is” - to be “typical” Lakaien-like melancholic and introverted, “Testosterone” is a strictly hard, cynical summer-song on street violence. “Fish” on the other hand shows DEINE LAKAIEN from a more unusual, humorous and comical side.

As always with DEINE LAKAIEN, musical styles are secondary to the contents of the lyrics. Alternative song structures and polished sounds show the great love for details which is at work in all songs.

Deine Lakaien - Winter Fish Testosterone

DEINE LAKAIEN exist for ten years now. Meanwhile, they epitomize innovative use of modern electronics and original sound creation.

Track list:
  • My Winter
  • Fighting the green
  • Cupid's disease
  • Away
  • The cabin door
  • Fish
  • Carriage song
  • Testosterone
  • Manastir baroue
  • As it is
  • My spring