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Distain! have a history that is almost unbelievable: to prove is love to a girl, Sebastian von Wyschetzki composed his first pop song. First, two more band mates joined. Secondly, three more tracks were added before everything was introduced at an insider club in Augsburg. Everybody was thrilled and the carrier of the synthpop trio. Too good to be true…? Whatever.

At first, it was their euphoria for synthpop bands of the 80ies that drew the attention of the three musicians from Augsburg to synthesizers and samplers. Out of this “spleen”, they started making their own music, and, in 1991, founded DISTAIN! Their first self-produced demo tape became a surprising success in local clubs, got airplay on local radio stations, and was immediately sold-out. When meeting Rudi Schäble (talent scout of Chrom Records), surprisingly quick they got their first record deal.

Video Clip “Conversation Overkill” (Director: Fred Stichnoth)

Listening to the romantic and melancholic songs with their strong melodies, all this attention will not surprise you. Many of the just released songs were written in quite young age, that’s why they have this charming, fresh and “naive” appeal. Musical development is an important point for DISTAIN! without denying their own roots, e.g., groups like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Human League. They seek and find their own way in a mixture between sensitively-sung melodies and progressive analogue sounds.

The line-up changes in 2003: Oliver Faig and Sebastian von Wyschetzki leave the band. Singer Alexander Braun continues !distain (the bandname spells slightly different now) with Manfred Thomaser, now as a duo. (In 2011 - after the Chrom Records period - they become a trio again, when Rick Prokein joins them.)

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