Cement Garden

Release Information 1995
Distain!: Cement Garden


Already two years before recording their first album, DISTAIN! - the young band around singer Alexander Braun and keyboarders Oliver Faig and Sebastian von Wyschetzki - were well-known in the Augsburg music scene.

It was their love for the synth pop baands of the 80ies, that first evoked the three Augsburg boys’ interest in synthesizers and samplers. Out of this “spleen”, they started making their own music, and, in 1991, founded DISTAIN!

Their first self-produced demo tape became a surprising success in local clubs, got airplay on local radio stations, and was immediately sold-out.

When meeting Rudi Schäble (talent scout of Chrom Records), surprisingly quick they got their first record deal.

When you heard their romantic and melancholic songs with their strong melodies, all this attention will not surprise you. Many of the just released songs were written in quite young ages, that’s why they have this charming, fresh and “naive” appeal. Musical development is an important point for DISTAIN!, but still they won’t deny their own roots - for example Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Human League. Between sensitively-sung melodies and progressive analogue sounds, they seek and find their own way.

Track list:
  • World of Stone
  • Strange Affection
  • Better Life
  • Dance in Heaven
  • Confession
  • It's Over, Slave
  • Soldiers
  • Piano Song (unplugged)
  • Shadows of the Past
  • Science Can't be Crime