Cement Garden

Release Information 1995
Distain!: Cement Garden


DISTAIN! - the young band and hopefuls around singer Alexander Braun, and keyboarders Oliver Faig and Sebastian v. Wyschetzki - has been a household name in the Augsburg scene for two years now.

At first it was the euphoric enthusiasm for the synthi-pop bands of the 80s that caught the interest of the three Augsburgers in synthesizers and samplers. Out of the common spleen they started to make music themselves and finally founded DISTAIN in 1991!

Their first self-produced demo tape, which was a surprise success in local discotheques, ran on local radio stations due to the positive reactions and was immediately sold out.

Through their mentor Rudi Schäble (DJ, scene expert and talent scout for Chrom Records) they got their first record deal surprisingly fast.

The trio rightly deserves this attention for their romantic-melancholic songs with strong melodies. Since many of the songs now released were written at a young age, they captivate with a refreshingly naïve charm. DISTAIN! set a high value on musical development, but still don’t deny their roots, which lie with groups like Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and Human League. In a mélange of sensitively sung melodies and progressive analogue sounds they search and find their own way.

Track list:
  • World of Stone
  • Strange Affection
  • Better Life
  • Dance in Heaven
  • Confession
  • It's Over, Slave
  • Soldiers
  • Piano Song (unplugged)
  • Shadows of the Past
  • Science Can't be Crime