Homesick Alien

Release Information 1998
Distain!: Homesick Alien


“The journey is the reward” - in that respect, one could describe the musical career of DISTAIN!

Always on the search for new sounds, they try new paths, to find new, contemporary homes. Released in 1995, their debut album “Cement Garden” immediately gave the young band a great start in the world of electronic music. The following album “li:quid”, 1996, stabilized DISTAIN!’s reputation as pioneers of the new German Electro-Pop scene and saw enthusiastic reactions. Already at that time, DISTAIN! showed their typical playfulness, for example when not only covering, but totally re-inventing Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”.

On their third album “Homesick Alien”, Alexander Braun (voc), Oliver Faig (keys) and Sebastian von Wyschetzki undertake an adventurous discovery mission, an excursion into the very own substance and vision of a band. A trip through the own creativity.

Distain 1998

“Homesick Alien” is characterized by cool, electronic beats, and decent but distinct voices, which overall create a very spheric and mysterious mood. On contrast to the debut “Cement Garden”, which came along very 80es-oriented and pop-like, on this album DISTAIN! have opened themselves up to dancefloor influences, which gives a unique fusion with their well-known style. The outcome are songs like “Promises” and “Tears of Joy”, beautiful pearls and dancefloor-smashers at the same time, but also dreamy cyber-ballads like “Sincerity” and “Row your boat”.

It demands high standards, if you want to avoid becoming superficial when dealing with the dangers and temptations which get all of us from time to time. In connection with the term “Synth-Pop”, these standards are even more difficult to fulfill - one could think. But DISTAIN! do manage to overcome these problems. The guys from south Germany are miles far away from the superficial Synth-cliché, without getting artificial “wannabes”. They simply let the songs flow - Where to? How can DISTAIN! know. They are floating right on the stream of life, not against it. Dare to dive into the electronic rapids and enjoy the journey…

Track list:
  • Promises
  • Coming Down
  • Don't Look Back
  • Hanging On
  • Sincerity
  • Tears Of Joy
  • Alien Atmosphere
  • Shadows Of Myself
  • Row Your Boat
  • Daily Routine
  • Pornogirl
  • Goddess Of Spring