Release Information 1996
Distain!: [li:quid]


A Romantic-Pop Tale

Sebastian von Wyschetzki wrote his first Popsong hoping to win over the affection of a beloved girlfriend. With his friends Oliver Faig and Alexander Braun (Leadsinger), he recorded this song and three others that were later played in their favorite Disco. The group Distain! was founded, Sebastian’s new girlfriend was thrilled, and with her, all the other guests that begged the DJ to play Distain! every night. The first step up the ladder to a Pop career was made.

In 1995 Chrom Records released the CONFESSIONS E.P. followed by CEMENT GARDEN, Distain’s debut album. The album, a seemless flow of older songs and new material presented a suspenseful variation of Synthi-Pop. No wonder that the Media waited with great expectation for the next release of this promising newcomer band.

With their new album LIQUID, Distain! prove the Music Scene right to be have been handled as Pop’s new hopefulls. With these eleven new songs they are now turned on full blast! The song styles of the individual tracks range from poppy summer hits (Conversation Overkill) to passionate ballads (Like The Tides) or the campy 90’s discosound (Infinity or Summer ‘84)!

The Distain! Sound is confident, strong and powerful without losing it’s hold on the romantic side. In times of abstract Trip-Sounds that come and go faster than the Media can find names for, Distain! write actual songs! With this in mind Distain! set themselves on purpose with the new trend of 80’s Pop power today, and bring to it that extra special thrill that we’ve been missing in music for so long.

Distain 1996 - Liquid

Track list:
  • Conversation overkill
  • Remote control
  • Summer '84
  • Like the tides
  • I beg for you
  • Rosa Blania
  • Yet so far away
  • Infinity
  • Keep my illusion
  • Don't run away
  • Neongod