Tears of Joy

Release Information 1999
Distain!: Tears of Joy


If you found yourself having motivational problems in removing the CD from the player, whilst listening to DIStAIN!‘s last album ”Homesick Alien”(1998) - then things have just got worse! The trios‘ ”Tears Of Joy Remix e.p.” shows that despite the high expectations caused by interplanetary visitation, they have honed their composing skills to perfection.

Alexander Braun, Sebastian von Wyschetzki, and Oliver Faig have used their time to write two new songs, sign up a new producer, and almost by accident met up with a man who ended up doing two mixes for the e.p. The man is non other than Gareth Jones whose producing skills have been enjoyed by artists over the last two decades (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Einstürzende Neubauten, Philip Boa and Diamanda Galas - to name but a few…) His contributions to the e.p. are the fat and raw ”Club Mix #1” and the hypnotically experimental ”Chill Out Mix“.

DISTAIN! put their faith in Peter Gorski to produce the ”Radio Edit“ despite the fact that he was relatively unknown in the scene. The decision paid off as Peter contributed not only the massive opener, but also co-produced with DISTAIN! both the new and unreleased tracks ”She‘s Gone“ and ”No Excuse“.

”She‘s Gone“ bridges the ”lost generation“ feeling with the fact that dancing frees your soul. While ”No Excuses“ nurgles itself into your mind in a way that will make people say that it is DISTAINS! best song yet.

The future rolls out the red carpet. DISTAIN! are on the way!

Track list:
  • Tears Of Joy (Radio Mix)
  • Tears Of Joy (Gareth Jones Club Mix #1)
  • She's Gone
  • No Excuse
  • Tears Of Joy (Gareth Jones Chill Out Mix)