Ernst Horn
Lili Marleen, Baghdad, 02’91

Release Information 2003
Ernst Horn: Lili Marleen, Baghdad, 02’91



This CD is the documentation of a live performance at the “digital-analog”-Festival on 31.10.2002 in Munich: Themes from a previous production by Ernst Horn, “The Skies over Baghdad” (1991) were taken up again and reinterpreted and continued with regard to current “events”.

From the program of the world premiere:

During the Gulf War, an air-raid shelter was accidentally bombed. There were reports of about 400 deaths, all civilians.

There were hardly any documents, no last-minute reports of children rescued by death-defying firefighters, of fathers looking for their relatives, no reports of the survivors and their traumatizations. From the departure of the Iraqis from Kuwait, only an unmanageable number of army and civilian vehicles were seen, no victims. In military circles people talked about “Turkey-Shooting”.

In general, Western man is considered an individual, the rest of the world is mass, differentiated according to skin colour. Images of individual fates, such as napalm-burned children in Vietnam, are therefore a major problem for politicians and the military, and are, if possible, prevented.

Our music performance tries to focus on a single person, a soldier’s bride, a kind of “Lili Marleen”, who longs for her beloved in melancholy songs. The texts in old Portuguese are juxtaposed with quotations from George Bush Sr. on the Gulf War and George Bush Jr. as well as government spokesman Ari Fleisher on the subject of “Saddam”. Some quotations from the Old High German “Hildebrantslied” describe the struggle of father and son.

Poems used:

Ondas domar de Vigo, Martim Codex, Guerra Junquiero: Regresso ao lar.

Ernst Horn, October 2002

Sabine Lutzenberger studied singing at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, specializing in early music. In addition to many years as a singer of the “Ensemble frühe Musik Ausgsburg”, she is a member of the Italian ensemble “Mala Punica” and the Belgian vocal group “Huelgas Ensemble”. With Ernst Horn she is involved in the project “Helium Vola”, which combines medieval poetry with electronics.

Ernst Horn is mainly known as a keyboarder and producer of the band “Deine Lakaien”. The trained drummer, pianist and conductor has also produced numerous radio plays, theatre music, the medieval electronic projects “Helium Vola” and “Qntal” and three solo albums.

Lili Marleen, Baghdad, 02’91 - PR

Track list:
  • Lili Marleen Baghdad Feb.91" (29:30 min)