Ernst Horn
The Skies Over Baghdad

Release Information 1991
Ernst Horn: The Skies Over Baghdad


Chrom Records - release: 1991 / New edition, re-release: 2003

A new aera in the history of media began with the CNN report of the Gulf War: war live as a worldwide broadcasted tv show, which had to pay its toll to the viewing figures, but at the same time to an extremely strict censorship. This CD is an immediate artistic document by a manipulated viewer in conflict with himself: the attempt to rationally document the media event Gulf War under different aspects kept being interrupted by emotions between anger, sympathy and pure cynicism.

Ernst Horn

In its blend of documentary and music, The Skies Over Baghdad was a novelty, which was discussed almost as controversial as the war itself. But in all the chaos of opinions, it was often forgotten , that the skilful production has enough potential of its own, to become a timeless piece of art. Not exactly easy listening, but a new, intense and moving music CD.

The skies over Baghdad

„A stimulating, yet shocking sound experience.“ (WOM Journal)

„Bloodthirsty, ironical, a musical pamphlet against the easygoing forgetfulness.“ (Münchner Stadtmagazin)

„The incredible amount of cynicism in „The Skies over Baghdad“ makes the whole thing an exceptional experience. Not often before, the evil in man was portrayed so delicately.“ (Glasnost)

Ernst Horn

Not really what many ‚Deine Lakaien‘ fans would expect from Ernst Horn - one could say, this work reveals a slightly different side of the studied conductor and composer Horn.

Track list:
  • The skies over Baghdad
  • Gott lenkt, Atem
  • We will not fail
  • Scud
  • Si j'étais dieu
  • No carnival this year
  • Gotcha!
  • Yes sir!
  • Load
  • Slow down
  • Ha!