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ESTAMPIE - Ensemble for Early Music:
Angels, prophets, Maries… Journeys through medieval landscapes and sounds

Michael Popp and Sigrid Hausen founded ESTAMPIE in 1985 as an ensemble for Early Music, consisting of five musicians.

Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) 1994
Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) 1995

They both had been studying music at the famous Mozarteum in Salzburg. Their musical interests go way back in time:  the music and the mysticism of the Middle Ages. To be more exact, they strive for the musical reconstruction of this ancient music by original sources and drawings of medieval instruments, and the performance of medieval plays in modern looks.

The Ensemble earned international reputation touring in Germany and abroad.

Existing since more than two decades, ESTAMPIE made a name for themselves in theater-, dance-, and performance scenes.

ESTAMPIE aspire to establish medieval music within today’s music scene independent of trends and musical style sharpening the listening awareness of the audience.

The three releases at hand emerged from an innovative and inspiring cooperation between the Pop-Label Chrom Records with the Classic-Label Christopherus and address the Pop-music audience as well as people, who listen to classical music.

Featuring: Alexander Veljanov (“Deine Lakaien” singer)
on “Ludus Danielis” and “Crusadors”.

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    Band Members

    • Syrah (Sigrid Hausen)
    • Michael Popp
    • Ernst Schwindl

    Special Members

    • Alexander Veljanov
    ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Fotos: Fred Stichnoth - Montage: Carl Erling