Ludus Danielis

Release Information 1994
Estampie: Ludus Danielis


The medieval ensemble ESTAMPIE, consisting a.o. of Qntal-singer Sigrid Hausen and Qntal/Deine Lakaien-multiinstrumentalist Michael Popp, has recorded a new album: LUDUS DANIELIS.

LUDUS DANIELIS is a dramatic mysteries play on the Prophet Daniel at the babylonic court. A climax in the story is the prophecy, “Menetekel”, when a (divine) hand in fiery letters writes the downfall of the babylonic empire to the wall. By evil intriguing, prophet Daniel is thrown into the lions’ pit, but, as if by miracle, remains unwounded. Now it´s the intrigantes which are thrown into the lions’ pit and cannot escape their just ending. (More details below).

Besides mystic solo scenes, there are overwhelming choir singings of the decadent royal household. The instrumentario, which partly might seem exotic (harp, ud, saz, barrel-organ) gives access to a totally new, vivid world of medieval soundscapes.

The Ensemble Estampie, also known in the theater-, dance- and performance scene, is presenting their third CD - all of which were released by the classic-label Christophorus in Heidelberg. We think, especially this CD should be highly interesting for Deine Lakaien- and Qntal-fans.

We have licensed this CD for the pop-distribution in Germany from Chrostophorus/MusiContact - as far as Germany is concerned, a unique cooperation between a classic- and a pop-label.

The story of the play in short (more detailed information in the lavish CD booklet):

Daniel is held captive at the babylonic court. People there are enjoying once more one of their decadent heretic feasts. But as if by ghost’s hand, a writing appears on the palace wall, noone being able to decipher it. Turmoils break out; finally, Daniel is called to the king and reveals him that the Menetekel is prophecising the downfall of his empire. In fact, soon the king dies, and his follower makes Daniel his most important advisor. This arouses the envy of intrigantes, whose evil games come out successful finally: the king is forced to throw Daniel into the lions’ pit. But an angel and the prophet Habakuk appear and avert the lion. On the next morning, the king realizes the magic powers of the unwounded Daniel, and puts the intrigantes to their just ending by throwing them before the lion.

Enjoy the listening experience!

Track list:
  • Ad honorem tui Christi
  • Jubilemus
  • Vocate mathematicos
  • Cum doctorum et magorum
  • Ut scribentis noscas ingenium
  • Vos Danielem quaerite
  • Multum miror
  • Hic verus dei famulus
  • Rex tua nolo munera
  • Solvitur in libro Salomonis
  • Regis vasa
  • Ecce rex Darius
  • Audite principes
  • Congaudentes celebremus
  • Decreverunt in tua curia
  • Numquid Dari observari
  • Heu heu heu
  • Abacuc
  • Ecce venit
  • Nuntium vobis