Studio-Album – Fairies Fortune



Heavenly Voices Style*

Hide into the holy worlds of Welsh myths and tales!

Fairies Fortune are the fantasy-folk projekt by “Sleeping Dogs Wake” members Karin Sherret and Jens Langkniv.

On their wonderful solo album “Snowfish” Faries Fortune are working with modern pop. “Snowfish” is like a nutshell full of Haägendazs icecream swimming on top of a sea of chemical waste. This album is filled with real fairy stories, wonderful music and Karin Sherret’s outstanding singing.

Faries Fortune: Karin Sherret, Jens Langkniv
Faries Fortune: Karin Sherret, Jens Langkniv

030-Magazin Berlin

Ambient-Folk somewhere between Enya and Björk


The Album certainly belongs to the best of the Heavenly Voices/Romantic Pop-Style.

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Released: 1995

Track list

  • Creme
  • Silver Snakes
  • Stay With Me
  • Camel
  • The Castle
  • Play Me a Game
  • The Burger Queen
  • Snowfish
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • *Heavenly Voices was a style created by the label Hyperium, Nurenberg, and became a popular scene trend.

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