A fairy tale

How “Snowfish” came to the folk
bringing calm and peacefulness …

Faries Fortune

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, there was a deep, deep well. And in this well was all of those lovely sorts of things that the best dreams are spun from. Many folk travelled far and wide to visit this well in the hope that they might be able to fish up some of those lovely sorts of things in the bucket that was hanging down inside this well. But the bucket had a large hole in it, and so, by the time the bucket appeared back at the top again, all of those lovely sorts of things had slowly dripped away. Many new buckets were made, but, time and time again, the buckets would quickly grow large holes in them.

Faries Fortune - Snowfish

One day two more folk, who had also travelled many miles, arrived at the well. They saw the angry folk all around making buckets from the new material after another. They saw these buckets being dropped slowly down inside the well, and then they saw them ascending again, always empty and always with large holes in them. They heard all the loud cries of anger, and saw the tears of despair of these angry folk, and they too thought how good it would be to be able to catch some of those lovely sorts of things that the best dreams are spun from.

So these two folk sat by the well for a long time, until the sun had fallen asleep, and the moon had poked her head out from behind a cloud. They were now quite alone there, when, suddenly, a bright light shone down upon them from the dark sky above, and, looking up, they heard a voice singing:

“when you wish upon a star,
it´ll make no difference where you are,
coz when the star looks down from the sky,
the star sees everything with it´s eye.”

And so they wished… They wished with all their hearts that they could travel down into that well and visit the land where those best dreams are spun, and maybe they could bring some of those lovely sorts of things back up for the other folk as well.

Faries Fortune - Snowfish

Then, before they knew it, there they were! In a land full of silvery snakes and butterfly cakes… a land where the night owl was calling them away to a castle that was floating upon the air. And so they jumped on the back of a friendly camel who was passing by, and there, from the camel´s back, they could hear the call of the fairy queen, coming from the cool, cool grass. She was busy throwing a blue ball, made of soft spider´s webbing, to a handsome young elf, calling out to him in a voice like the clover:

“stay, stay with me for a while,
oh won´t you stay with me?”

At last they came to the foot of a tall mountain, at the top of which they could see a small mountain home and a man up there, all on his own, busily sending a fax to a queen who was laying dying on a golf course many, many miles away.

But by then the camel was quite exhausted, for he´d been up all night chewing back his friend´s lawn after the mower broke down.

Faries Fortune - Snowfish

Luckily, a snowfish, whose fins were as green as silver, was about to climb up the mountain, so these two folk hitched a ride on the snowfish´s back. It was many days later when they finally reached the very top, and there they all sat down. And then, looking across this green land, a deep, calm and peacefulness float down upon each of them.

Suddenly, they heard a cry from above, and, looking up, they saw a bucket coming down towards them, which had a hole in it… a hole more or less the size of a silvery disc, like the one that the snowfish, fortunately, always carried with him. Quickly they fixed the hole with it, and, moments later, wonderful music and a magical fairylike voice came from out of the bucket. And all those angry folk above them were silent now…