Helium Vola

  Medieval music · Elektronics · Avantgarde

In Ernst Horn’s changeful life as musician there can bee seen two constant artistic lines: his love for melancholic songs, like we know them from Celtic folk songs, or the music of a Franz Schubert. On the other hand, there is the constant wish to elaborate social and political topics in his music.

Together with front vocalist Alexander Veljanov, Ernst Horn - who is a studied and qualified percussionist, pianist and conductor - are combining melancholy and avant-garde, acoustic sounds and electronic in a completely new and independent way. The band “Deine Lakaien”, whose sounds are far from usual habits and recipes for success of the music industry, regularly reached top ten chart placements.

At the same time, the former orchestra leader for opera, operetta and theatre composer also created soundtracks about the gulf war and the German reunification, which are audio collages about armament, futurism and monetarism and can be regarded as a unique combination of documentary, satire and music.

Ernst Horn, Sabine Lutzenberger

With Helium Vola he combines the above-mentioned two elements with lyrics, mainly from the medieval period and creates new exciting electronic avant-garde, the instrumental and vocal art of the early music. Ernst Horn already produced the first two albums of the band Qntal, now he goes one step further. Both albums, Helium Vola and Liod, are considered as unique artworks, visionary, highly professional and far from simple “crossover” material.

Sabine Lutzenberger is the “main voice” of Helium Vola. She is one of the best early music singers, soloist and member of well-known international vocal ensembles. Recently, she is more and more working with serious avant-garde music.

Beside Sabine Lutzenberger, also singing: Gerlinde Sämann, Andreas Hirtreiter and Joel Frederiksen, who are working as soloists, they are singing for the opera, as concert soloists but also successfully working with ensembles like „Hilliard“, „Hesperion“ or „Huelgas“.

Instruments were added to Horns electronic soundscapes by Ralf Hübner, violin and guitars, concertmaster of the Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt and member of the band „Chamber“, Olga Hübner, viola, also working for the before mentioned ensembles and Jost Hecker, who is, amongst other things, cellist of the „Modern String Quartet“.

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    Band Members

    • Ernst Horn
    • Sabine Lutzenberger

    Special Members

    • Gerlinde Sämann
    • Andreas Hirtreiter
    • Joel Frederiksen
    • Ralf Hübner
    • Olga Hübner
    • Jost Hecker