Idee des Nordens

  Soundtrack · Experimental · Neo-Folk · Elektronics · Cold Wave · Ritual/Magick

Sound »Magick« explorers Idee des Nordens take the listener to worlds of lucid dreams. Their music is as mystic as alchemy, as empirical as mathematics and as uncertain as sorrow. This music masks without demasking. Its philosophy is contradiction or simply experiment, its material so complex that one can doubtless call it polyphonic pop: a musical provocation!

STORA Manifest

is not: a label
is: a concept
is not: a product
is: a tale
is not: something definite
is: a bone of contention
is not: bone of contention
is: a strategy
is not: apparent from the outset
tells the story of itself
cannot be looked upon
can be experienced
maybe it´s not real at all

STORA was founded 1992 in Hamburg, Germany for creating a network to bundle different dimensions of creativity: »musick« theater, film, writing and ritual.


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    Band Members

    • John Raabe
    • Florian Mühlfried