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Inside is a project of “The Eternal Afflict” members (Winus Rilinger, Mark Borowski and Angela Jana) and “Psyche” singer Darrin Huss.

INSIDE (left to right): Mark Borowski, Darrin Huss, Winus Rilinger Angela Jana

Their debut album “Room Full of Mirrors” was released 1995 at Chrom Records. With club hits such as “Vampire”, and “The Whip”, they not only took on the German ‘dark wave’ scene by storm, but received rave reviews in France, Spain, Sweden, and even former Yugoslavia! Naturally concerts were to be expected, and INSIDE was seen at such events as the “Dark Rush Festival” in Berlin, and at Leipzig’s famous “Gothic Wave Festival”. Also several appearances in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium at the yearly “Dark Entries Concerts”.

Live, INSIDE presented a dramatic mix of their album highlights in a theatrical setting. Their following single “November Day” released at the end of 1996 brought the band their first commercial radio airplay, and was featured on several compilations. 1998 saw the band further establish themselves with the release of “Beware”. An assimilation of all the elements that make the band “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”.

This is INSIDE as infectiously danceable, and subversively kinky. The titles “Criminal Mind”, “Sex Cult”, “Beware Of The Dog”, and “Kama Sutra” tell tales of madness and deviant behaviour at its best! The whole album exhudes an atmosphere of visiting a dark erotic chamber. As if that weren’t enough, here you will also find a wholly new interpretation of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax”. Bringing the pleasure cruise to it’s ulimate climax.

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    Band Members

    • Darrin Huss
    • Angela Jana
    • Winus Rilinger
    • Mark Borowski

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