Release Information 1998
Inside: Beware


“Electronic-Wave-Pop, combined with forceful guitars”, that’s how front man Darrin Huss describes the music of INSIDE. This true description expands the common definition of Electronic-Wave-Pop with the new element e-guitar, an element which couldn’t be found on their debut album “Room full of Mirrors”. The powerful guitars spice up the Synth Pop jewels with the necessary power to create a unique mixture that you won’t find at any other band of this genre.

Actually the idea to start his own Synth band arouse at a time when Darrin was very young and discovered such illustrious names as Cabaret Voltaire, Gary Numan and Soft Cell. Together with his brother, he founded the Synth-duo “PSYCHE” which has already become a legend in the history of Electro.

After his brother had to leave the band under tragical circumstances, a call from Carl Erling (label manager of Chrom Records) saved the musical career of the outstanding singer. The offer was tempting: Voice of the band INSIDE.

Thus, in 1995, a new story begun: The title of the new beginning was “Room full of mirrors” (Chrom Rec.), and it excited the Alternative press and fans all over the world. Especially the song “Vampire” made it to a club hit on the dancefloors and caught the attention of many curious listeners.

On “Beware”, Winus Rilinger participates again, who got famous for writing hits like “San Diego” for The Eternal Afflict. Also Angela Jana, the enchanting female voice, is surely known to many of you: she already sung on Eternal Afflict’s last album “War” and defined the INSIDE debut album with her characteristic voice.

To all those Wave-Pop admirers, who aren’t afraid of musical surprises, “Beware” will be a lot of fun. Their cover version of “Relax”, THE 80es hit of Frankie goes to Hollywood is just perfect in this concept; outstandingly done and with the typical INSIDE charme….

In that respect: Listen - Enjoy - Beware !!!!

INSIDE goes kinky

Track list:
  • Emergency
  • Beware of the Dog
  • Penetrate U
  • Relax (When You Wanna Come)
  • Criminal Mind
  • Kama Sutra
  • Sex Cult
  • Torture
  • Revenge
  • Timebomb!
  • Striptease
  • Vampire (Director's Cut)