Auto biography Darrin Huss

​Darrin Huss

I was born in the township of Toronto in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Around the age of five, I began singing. I remember making tapes of myself singing along to “We´ve Only Just Begun”’ by the Carpentenrs to compare the sound of my voice with the recording. My parents had a Hammond organ on which my brother Stephen, and I took lessons until I was about 12 years old. As my brother then moved on to guitar lessons I felt prompted to learn bass guitar so we could play together. At this time the Huss family was living in Edmonton, Alberta (Western Canada).

We had just gotten into KISS, and I was trying to learn the song “God Of Thunder”. By the time I was 17 we were playing some of our own tunes as well as “Planet Claire” from the B-52´s. In the beginning we called ouselves “The Enemies” and played a kind of Art-Rock inspired by The Clash, Sex Pistols, Talking Heads, and Pretenders. The synth explosion came shortly after when we heard Cabaret Voltaire, Chrome, and Gary Numan for the first time. I then decided to sing fulltime as my bass playing wasn´t getting anywhere and we discovered we could make music in the style of D.A.F. and Fad Gadget with our newly invested electronic equipment. On the date of December 13, 1982, with a concert at a fashionable downtown club called “Krieg”, my brother Stephen, Dwayne and I made our debut as Psyche. With Dwayne (later to join Skinny Puppy), we performed numerous shows in Edmonton and Calgary, and began the usual process of recording cassette demos (many which have been issued on our “Tales From The Darkside” CD). Dwayne decided to move to Vancouver, leaving my brother and I to continue on our own. After a successful, and inspirational support for Alien Sex Fiend at “Scandals” in 1984, the Huss familly moved to Kitchener-Waterloo.

By then, Stephen and I decided to take our music seriously and recorded “Insomnia Theatre” to release in the summer of 1985 on our own label (Malignant Prod). We worked hard to book concerts at Universities, made our own videos, and had some radio-play, but decided that Europe was where we wanted to go, and when New Rose Records in France said they wanted us, away we went. Our first highpoint being our support for Suicide (Alan Vega, Martin Rev) in Paris, France for 2,000 people in the illustrious Elysee Montmarte…

Psyche made a label change to SPV Records in Hannover, Germany in 1989. Due to my brother’s illness we had stopped performing together since the release of “Mystery Hotel” in 1988. Other than “The Influence” album with David Kristian all Psyche recordings were mainly composed by Stephen and I. As I had chosen to stay in Germany in order to continue Psyche´s career, I found myself uncertain as to what should happen next. I had made several tours with hired keyboarders in my brother´s abscence, but still had made no decision as to an actual replacement recording partner for Psyche. It was 1994 and I had just released “Intimacy”, the last recording of Stephen and I. Suddenly there came a call from Carl D. Erling who had heard Psyche, and whom I had met around the time he had released “Deine Lakaien”. I was told that an electronic music group was looking for a singer that might be a new direction for me. I later found out this was Winus Rilinger and Mark Borowski, the musical half of “The Eternal Afflict”. The official group had separated after the release of their “War” album, but both wanted to continue making new music. When we met, I received a demo track from Mark that was later to become our first song “Labyrinth”. The word “Inside” was written on the cassette, and after several suggestions we in fact ended up with this becoming the final name of our group. Angela who sang on the last T.E.A. album joined the line-up and Inside was born. After a year of recordings and trying several musical arrangements “Room Full Of Mirrors”, our first full length album was released in September 1995 on Carl D. Erling´s label Gymnastic (now Chrom Records). With “Vampire” and “The Whip” we made a name for ourselves in the dark electro scene, while our release of the pop single “November Day” proved our versatility. After several festival performances with Inside I decided I would still like to continue a development of Psyche, and I began working with Per-Anders Kurenbach.

I realized I would now have two groups to experiment with in electronic music. I have therefore spent quite some time in the studio and up until now released two more albums “Strange Romance”, 1996, “Love Among The Ruined”, 1998 as Psyche while secretly planning the next attack with Inside which became “Beware” at the end of 1998.

The later reformation of “The Eternal Afflict” meant that Inside would now be created by Winus, myself, Angela, and new member JoShino. “Beware”, the result of this line-up showed a harder more perverse side to our sound. As of this writing, Julia Beyer, who joined us on our F.G.T.H cover of “Relax” had replaced Angela becoming the new female vocalist for the next INSIDE release, and our concerts at the beginning of 1999. Psyche was on tour the summer of 1999 as well. I’ve gotten around alot in Germany last year as well as Sweden and Norway. Don’t know when I’ll ever be in France again, but the story continues…

Keep your ears on.

Darrin in Bochum, Germany.
February 1999