Cold Wave · Experimental · Soundtrack

KIRCHOHMFELD needs to be understood in the tradition of experimental music. This form of innovative creation of music started in the twenties, with first attempts to combine technologies and the creation of sound.

Always on the search for alien beauty, sound experimentors exploit the furthest borders of musical development. But meanwhile, it has become difficult to really create something new. Sampling-techniques that you can create about any imaginable sound with, have presently made the development stand still.

It seems logic that a new generation of experimental musicians found a new challenge in self-restriction:

For the instrumentation of their cycle, KIRCHOHMFELD only used two Keyboards (Lexicon 300 and Eventide DSP 4000). And it is astonishing what they were able to create by electro-musical precision work, doublings and other tricks.


    Releases at
    Chrom Records:

    Band Members

    • Andreas Neumann
    • Gerhard Eminger