Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

CD 1997

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


German Cold Wave

Very subtle, KIRCHOHMFELD are building a spider’s web of premonition and trepidation throughout the whole album. Thus, they’re creating a disturbing atmosphere. The theatrical vocals remind, in a diffuse, yet at the same time bewildering, way of the horror of the old silent movies, such as Dreyer’s “Vampyr” or Murnau’s “Nosferatu”. The voice of Dark Wave seems present on the whole album.

The sound of footsteps, murmuring of water, rising and fainting voices - sounds like magic spells. On “SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI”, these sounds, even though created purely synthetical, convey the idea of liveliness. A liveliness which, above all, seems so vulnerable - the more quiet, the more intense it gets.

Apocalyptic, romantic, lost-in-dreams theater music

Auf Abwegen Musikmagzin

Track list

  • Prolog/Frische Fahrt
  • Brunnen I
  • Vereinsamt
  • Lebenslied
  • Quantensprünge
  • Frühling
  • Leben Sterben
  • Notturno
  • Vermächtnis
  • Brunnen II
  • Epilog

ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Motte im Cover: Fred Stichnoth