Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Studio-Album – Kirchohmfeld

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


German Cold Wave

Kirchohmfeld subtly and finely weave a filigree fabric of hunch and anxiety that creates a disturbing atmosphere. Theatricality and pathos of the vocals remind us in a diffuse and yet strange way of the horror of old silent films like Dreyer’s “Vampyr” or Murnau’s “Nosferatu” and thus draw a bow to the language of Dark Wave music, whose gesture seems to resonate constantly on the album.

Steps, rushing water, swelling and decongestant voices - sounds from the musical magic forest - convey a touch of liveliness on “sic transit gloria mundi” despite the synthetic nature of the musical means. A liveliness that is perhaps expressed precisely through its vulnerability and becomes all the more intense the quieter it sounds.

KIRCHOHMFELD deliver music that doesn’t let you go once you get involved with their language. The magic and mysticism of music, much-cited terms, come to the fore here in an insidious way.


Auf Abwegen Musikmagzin

Apocalyptic-romantic-reflected music for imaginary theatre

Zillo Musikmagazin

This journey oscillates between euphoria, abandonment, depression, new beginnings. Surrealistic images are interspersed between sound fragments. Our traveler is torn. He feels reborn for some time when he realizes that nothing is lost in the universe. The disillusionment follows promptly, since life never changes. This brings the traveller back to the starting point.

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Released: 1997

Track list

  • Prolog/Frische Fahrt
  • Brunnen I
  • Vereinsamt
  • Lebenslied
  • Quantensprünge
  • Frühling
  • Leben Sterben
  • Notturno
  • Vermächtnis
  • Brunnen II
  • Epilog
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Motte im Cover: Fred Stichnoth

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