Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Release Information 1997
Kirchohmfeld: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi


For the employee of the mastering studio, who heard “sic transit gloria mundi” for the first time, the concept album by KIRCHOHMFELD seemed like a sound engineering disaster. No wonder, not for nothing had the musicians spent a year of intensive studio work incorporating sounds and effects into the music in the most depressing frequencies.

Fine and subtle, they spin a filigree fabric of suspicion and trepidation that runs through all the tracks on the album and creates a disturbing mood that could never have been achieved by classical means alone.

Theatricality and pathos of the vocals remind us in a diffuse and yet strange way of the horror of old silent films like Dreyer’s “Vampyr” or Murnau’s “Nosferatu” and thus draw a bow to the language of Dark Wave music, whose gesture seems to resonate constantly on the album.


KIRCHOHMFELD follows the tradition of electronic sound experiments. This form of innovative music creation was already founded in the 1920s with the first attempts to combine technology and sound generation. Always in search of foreign beauty, sound experimenters are at the very edge of musical development. In the meantime, however, it has become much harder to do anything worth mentioning in the field of sound research. Sampling techniques, with which almost every conceivable sound can be produced today, have brought this development to a temporary end.

Obviously, when a new generation of experimental musicians sees a creative task in the self-restriction of their means.

KIRCHOHMFELD deliberately limited themselves to the use of two keyboards, Lexicon 300 and Eventide DSP 4000, and it is amazing what they were able to get out of these instruments through electro-musical precision work, doubling and other tricks.

In the field of tension between nature, technology and civilization, KIRCHOHMFELD send the listener on an eventful journey into the world of lucid phantasms.

“Will you be long?” asks the prologue, and as in a feverish dream, heavy basses sound at heart rate.

Steps, rushing water, swelling and decongestant voices - sounds from the musical magic forest - convey a touch of liveliness on “sic transit gloria mundi” despite the synthetic nature of the musical means.

A liveliness that is perhaps expressed precisely through its vulnerability and becomes all the more intense the quieter it sounds.

KIRCHOHMFELD deliver music that doesn’t let you go once you get involved with their language. The magic and mysticism of music, much-cited terms, come to the fore here in an insidious way.

Track list:
  • Prolog/Frische Fahrt
  • Brunnen I
  • Vereinsamt
  • Lebenslied
  • Quantensprünge
  • Frühling
  • Leben Sterben
  • Notturno
  • Vermächtnis
  • Brunnen II
  • Epilog