About this retrospective

Chrom Records 1988–2007

The late Nineties were the heyday of the independent music. This website shows an overview over the a 20 years’s of the indie record label Chrom Records.

Please note that the artist portraits cover the the years 1988–2007 only and will, in many cases, naturally not represent their complete works but only their time on Chrom Records.

Concept for this retrospektive

This is a reconstruction of the contents of the 10 years old former website from Chrom Records, presentet in a fresh, modern look. Frequently we will add new material, links and interviews, we received from the artists or find in our archives. This gives a more complete picture of the period of time and the involved artists from different perspectives.

This website concentrates Carl Erling’s signings, who was the label manager during that period. So the early American Gothic bands of the early period and some co-operations with other labels are not included in this summary right now.

From “cult” to “culture”

Many source texts on this website were written in the style of promotional texts. At the moment many of these texts are being revised and rewritten from today’s point of view. The aim is no longer a promotion but an artistic classification and reflection. However, texts that are worth preserving in their original form from a historical perspective, including earlier press releases, press reports and interviews, will continue to be shown in the original text.

We ask for your help

At the contact page we have a form where you can send in your reports and suggestions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.