Management until 2007

Carl Erling

Carl Erling,
CEO Chrom Records until 2007

For me, art is what makes you think or feel. Art does not need to be understood or even liked by everyone nor to be a business success. It turned out that consequent art can become also a business success and helps artists, galleries and labels make their living and finance more art. There are always many music lovers looking for emotional quality music away from the mainstream.

What is needed not only in art, but also counts in the presentation of art, is a concept and an idea, where you want to go. That keeps things together and builds a frame of context. That allows to relate the works to other art and the time it was produced. This is our mission as a label. Some music can be very good quality but the time of the release is years too early. That’s Avant-garde. This has never kept us from trying hard. A label can, like a gallery, select (after personal criteria and taste), combine, put in context, present, pave the way.

Our musical roots were the 1990ies. We were interested especially in the Crossover of Darkwave and Pop to classical music, contemporary music, medieval music and the romantic period. We risked and supported many musical experiments and many music lovers shared this passion with us.

Berlin, January 2016,
​Carl Erling


After his business administration/law studies, he became a producer for a Munich event organizer.

1989–2007, Carl Erling was owner and manager of Chrom Records GmbH (Munich - Berlin).

1989–2005, he was manager for the band “Deine Lakaien”.

Since 1999 he is head of the technical developements and web at a Hamburg based design studio.

Carl Erling is involved in the project OFFICER (Royalty Software Solutions for Record Labels), Austria.

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