Management until 2007

Carl D. Erling

Carl D. Erling,
CEO Chrom Records until 2007

I prefer art that makes me think or feel.

Even music and performances without compromising on the taste of the mainstream have the potential to be commercially successful in many cases. There are always enough lovers who prefer emotionally strong quality music away from the mainstream.

The idea of the artist label is that the label itself also follows its own artistic concept. Without talking artists into their work, but simply by selecting artists and works that the label publishes, the label can set its own impulses and define and fill an artistic niche. As an art label, Chrom Records wants to select, mix, classify, present and pave the way according to its own subjective criteria. Artists can be seen and “interpreted” in such a context; this creates a further possibility of access to the understanding of the work. This artistic framing helps and creates an identity for the listener; Chrom Records has been able to rely on a very loyal and loyal audience even for very demanding productions.

Our musical roots were the 1990ies. Chrom Records was interested especially in the Crossover of Dark Pop to classical music, contemporary music, medieval music and the romantic period. We risked and supported many musical experiments and many music lovers shared this passion with us.

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