1st Deine Lakaien Fan-Convention
October 10, 1997 at Munich, 'Pulverturm'


This short report depicts very well the spirit of the bands, of the label, and of the fans during this period of new beginnings. Therefore, the Fan-Party is presented rather extensively here.

The Night of Love

Translation of the live report in the Zillo music journal

Originally, this evening with the theme “The night of love” was meant to be for a small party, maybe about 100 fans, who subscribed to the official Deine Lakaien fan club and its fanzine “Manastir Baroue”. However, everything turned out totally differently. Not least due to the ad in the ZILLO, the planned event gained attention far beyond the fanzine readers. Fittingly, it finally took place in the “Pulverturm”, where Deine Lakaien played their first gig in in Munich in 1991.

In the end, the event turned out to be a Label-party with some illustrious guests announced - most prominent of course Deine Lakaien themselves, who enjoy this kind of almost familiar performances a lot.

Furthermore, the band used the opportunity to express their gratitude towards the fans as well as the work of the fan club. “Since recently a lot of rubbish talk about us is spreading especially within the internet, we are glad, that the information now is distributed now more systematically by the official fan club”, Alexander appreciates the initiative of Conny and her numerous friends. The young girls accomplished a party for finally about 750 people with great commitment.

In fact they promised a fascinating program that included various live performances besides music from the turntable that hit the taste of the Deine Lakaien audience.

After DJ Thaly created the appropriate mood with same classics, some of which from the Gymnastic Records – now Chrom Records – program, Distain! appeared as the first act on stage right after midnight. Distain! suffered from two handicaps: The old criticism of being a mere copy of Depeche Mode, and the absence of their singer, who’s part was taken by keyboarder Sebastian for this performance. Playing unplugged without synthesizer for the first time, the band that was cut back to a duo performed the piano version of a song from their debut. Afterwards, they gave an ironic answer with respect to the Depeche Mode-copy criticism playing a saucy, extremely unconventional cover of “Question of time”. “Meanwhile, we developed our very own style. This will become very clear on our new album that is going to be released next spring”, explains keyboarder Sebastian.

The celebrated performance of Distain! was followed by the entrance of Silence, who caused a lot of excitement within the synthpop sector with this year’s debut “ma non troppo”. The two likeable guys from Ljubljana presented a cover of the Elvis song “The Girl Of My Best Friend” amongst others.

More wave classics kept the fans happy until the Deine Lakaien performance, while the other label acts mingled with the audience.

Acoustic concerts are nothing new to Deine Lakaien. Thus, Ernst Horn, Michael Popp, and Alexander Veljanov approach their gig lightheartedly, since it appears more like fun to them.

As surprise, Helga Pogatschar, who’s sophistically arranged “Mars Requiem” gained so much attention, played four-handed together with Ernst Horn at the E-piano some pieces from the Hungarian Dances (“Ungarische Tänze”) by the classical composer Johannes Brahms.

Afterwards, Deine Lakaien presented several highlights of their quite extensive repertoire. The songs convince in the pure version with E-piano and violin, while Alexander is the center of the act with his enchanting voice and charisma.

It was also him, who started at 3 am to announce the winners of the lottery that took place during the party. T-shirts, rare vinyl-editions and promotion CDs were distributed in the crowed. The numerous guests enjoyed themselves until early morning with selected insider hits exchanging news about the Deine Lakaien environment.

For those Lakaien fans, who could not join the fan convention, a special online-service was provided by the organizers: A new picture of the party was posted on the website of Chrom Records every hour.

by Dirk Hoffmann

(translated by Carola Meyer, upload by Carl Erling)

Setlist Deine Lakaien:

  • Away
  • Follow Me
  • 2nd Sun
  • Don’t Wake Me Up
  • Love Me To The End
  • Dark Star