Label Philosophy

The label profile from 1995–2007

“Anything Goes!” is the motto of the Nineties and became the motto for the label until 2007. A home for musicians who regard themselves as borderliners and, effortless, playing the music game of stylistic pluralism. In those postmodern times, where phenomena like cross-dressing or camp and trash have popped up again, pop music and classic music have reacted, too. Chrom Records is located between Darkwave, Pop, Avant-Garde and Classical Music. - A label with a profile, but without limits within the genres!

Chrom Records as label offers their artists and bands the opportunity of transgressing boundaries and musically disclosing new (-old) sounds.Chrom Records’ philosophy is interdisciplinary and artistic, with a touch of self-reflective irony. The label considers itself as a playful borderliner between various musical styles and relies on complex motional needs: anything from dusky-dark gloominess to the “alternative” sound of the Nineties. Musical experimenters like Ernst Horn or Alexander Veljanov (Deine Lakaien/Qntal/Run Run Vanguard/Helium Vola) have the chance of exploring different musical styles.

Why the name “Chrom” Records? [CHROM] = Shortcut for “Chromosom” (biol.): Part of the nucleus of a cell that carries the genotype of life.