Love is Colder than Death

  Word music · Soundtrack · Darkwave · Neo-Folk · "Heavenly voices"

One way of understanding music is theoretical analysis. Love Is Colder Than Death though have since their foundation in 1990 consciously taken part against this academic proceeding. Neither, because their music would only aim at the stomach or regions below, nor, because they, like many “emotional” bands, could not else but appeal to the sentiment.

Love Is Colder Than Death are artists, who, in full knowledge of existing rules, definitions and barriers shun these. Demanding that the listener should completely let himself be taken away by the music and purely comprehend it by listening, they intend to break the usual barriers between the inventor and the consumer of music. It is an aim of Love Is Colder Than Death to create a true world language in which meetings beyond lingual, social and cultural barriers will be possible. Corresponding to their aim of nivelling space in the sense of barriers, Love Is Colder Than Death use modern electronics as well as traditional musical means of different cultures and times.

Releases at
Chrom Records:

Band Members

  • Maik Hartung
  • Manuela Budich
  • Sven Mertens
  • Ralf Jehnert

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