Studio-Album – Love is Colder than Death



After three years of pausing, here comes the long awaited new album - now on Chrom Records. On “Atopos”, Love Is Colder Than Death have for the first time integrated authentic old instruments such as Tabla, Rainstick and Didgeridoo into their concept. Sensual through and through, “Atopos” takes the audience on a journey through the realms of beauty and originality. Still, “Atopos” is not a stringent concept album; each song stands as work for itself.

“Atopos” is concerned with the basic questions of human existance, such as self-finding, social belonging, love, but also the painful realization of the loneliness each individual bears inside.

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Released: 1999

Track list

  • nostalgia
  • horns and horses
  • sun ra
  • wings of the dawn
  • an empty ark
  • on difference
  • prima nocte
  • saaidi
  • yamuna
  • de iside et osiride
  • from sun to sun
  • to the other side

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