About their album “Atopos”
Love is Colder than Death



(from the “Atopos” booklet)

It is not through theoretical dismantling of music that its actual content becomes tangible, but only through listening alone and leaving it entirely to itself: in other words, not through an intellectual, but through an emotional mind.


The title, inspired by the film by Adrej Tarkowski, already describes the musical realisation of a mood that conveys the feeling of silence, loneliness and yet security. The human being, in a lonely valley, far away from any civilization, perceives the soundscape of familiar distant sounds.

horns and horses

This song symbolizes the collapse of various social influences on the human being. Ripping out of the security, the lonely valley, it confronts him with a feeling of strangeness with the world.

sun ra

The eternal search for a purpose in life, the experience of living in certain dependencies, are in contradiction with the nature of man. Under the same sun he experiences the infinite power of nature and at the same time social limitations.

to the other side

Deep sounds, regular rhythms and a contemplative vocal sound let the person reflect on his own power that lies within him. The realization of being part of the world and yet at the same time carrying a piece of the world within oneself fills him with dignity and harmony.

wings of the dawn

Dealing with the feeling of grief and also dealing with this painful emotion are components of human existence. The lament symbolizes the gravity of this experience.

de iside et osiride

The individual is in a constant state of flux of the gels. Positive and negative energies influence his incarnation.

prima nocte

Sensitivity, love and intimacy are unbreakable impulses in the subconscious of the human being. Where does this affection come from?

on difference

In the course of his life, the human being becomes aware of the diversity of the community. Individuals may have the ability to communicate with each other, but what they really think, how they experience the world, the other will never really understand.

an empty ark

Because of the knowledge that every person carries different ideas and that it is impossible to penetrate them, everyone sometimes feels like on an empty ark, lonely.


The human being is subject to the endeavour to develop a concept of culture and an alternative way of life for himself. He often seeks this approach in foreign countries, far away from the traditional norms, in peculiarities of distant countries.


At the end of all experience there is a point of calm sensations. Here there is distance to all questions of meaning. The hitherto voiceless soul breaks all physical barriers and thereby experiences its own expressiveness.

from sun to sun

The bodily decay of man, accompanied by the song of the dead, applies only to the shell of being. For man, as a part of nature, it is the end, for the possibilities resting in him a beginning. “From the mother, under heaven’s protection, for the son, for all time.”

(1999 Love is colder than death)