Three times winner of the Slovenian

Even if it’s a bit difficult, you should keep this name in mind. Because what’s behind it, pronounced something like “njaut”, is the Sioxsie of the coming decade - with a first-class band, which in an individual and above all virtuoso manner weave all achievements of the Nineties into their extraordinary songs, yet always being catchy and understandable. Could there be a match to Garbage, Siouxsie and Elastica at the same time? - Yes, with NIOWT from Ljubljana!!!

Niowt - are a bewitching, agile and enigmatic woman with dark, charming voice: singer and guitarist Mojca Krevel (an English translator, a.o. of Umberto Eco and American Beat Poets), and the brilliant keyboarder Peter Senk, who besides that is an architect and photographer with various exhibitions all over the globe.

These two mid-twenties, who are responsible for the songwriting, are supported by Robert Oven (bass, didgeridoo) and Matej Puklavec. And by a drummer who’s a class of his own. This guy, Bostjan Vajs, does not exactly have the statue of a bear, and it’s true he’s only 16 years old, and - literally - animal-like. He’s beating his drums like a berserk, but also produces the most complicated breaks so precisely, that you’re almost desparately start searching for the Drum’n’Bass machine, which “for real” could do this digital thundering…

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Band Members

  • Mojca Krevel
  • Peter Senk
  • Jernej Jurc
  • Bojan Brajkovic
  • Bostjan Vajs

Special Members

  • Matej Puklavec
  • Robert Oven