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NIOWT won the MARSEV GOJZAR award 1998 (the only award for rock-alternative music in Slovenia):
- for the best band 98 and the best album 98: “Niowt”
- for the best song 98: “City”

Even if it’s a bit difficult, you should keep this name in mind. Because what’s behind it, pronounced something like “njaut”, is the Sioxsie of the coming decade - with a first-class band, which in an individual and above all virtuoso manner weave all achievements of the Nineties into their extraordinary songs, yet always being catchy and understandable. Could there be a match to Garbage, Siouxsie and Elastica at the same time? - Yes, right now, with NIOWT from Ljubljana!!!

Niowt - are a bewitching, agile and enigmatic woman with dark, charming voice: singer and guitarist Mojca Krevel (an English translator, a.o. of Umberto Eco and American Beat Poets), and the brilliant keyboarder Peter Senk, who besides that is an architect and photographer with various exhibitions all over the globe.

These two mid-twenties, who are responsible for the songwriting, are supported by Robert Oven (bass, didgeridoo) and Matej Puklavec. And by a drummer who’s a class of his own. This guy, Bostjan Vajs, does not exactly have the statue of a bear, and it’s true he’s only 16 years old, and - literally - animal-like. He’s beating his drums like a berserk, but also produces the most complicated breaks so precisely, that you’re almost desparately start searching for the Drum’n’Bass machine, which “for real” could do this digital thundering…

But Niowt is also an imaginary city, which Mojca sings about with tormenting, very individual lyrics. And yet it is not all too far from reality, because in this city those things rule that we also find in our real-existing cities: loss of identity, serfdom/dependance and being forced into line by the powers of media society.

Anyone who takes Niowts debut album of the same title (Chrom Rec.) to heart will easily fall into raptures. Be it about the combination of technoid breakbeats, dark piano motives and sudden eruptions into brutal industrial worlds (“City”), the original connecting of archaic, mystic and crashing Wave by didgeridoo, veiled vocals and an excellent interaction of guitars and keyboards (“Horizon”), or about the powerful “No Sense”, which easily puts the DAF-classic “Mussolini” into the shadow with its whiplash power - that’s up to you.

But maybe it’s also Mojca’s siren-like, seductive voice in the song “Puzzled”, which also could be the theme of a sleazy crime film, or the phantastic song “Mountains”, which is completely and wonderfully baffling - from the background sounds and the vocals to the moog, or the explicit and at the same time poetic lyrics (“…small-talk minds brainwashed in shit..”, from “City”), which capture us.

In their home country Slovenia, Niowt are already THE alternative-rock-band. This quintet has got everything, which a real good wave-/alternative band should have: charisma, musical profoundness, imagination and outstanding vocals.

030-Magazin Berlin

Slovenia is not a country that you'd usually find on a trendscout-map. The more surprising is the appearance of a remarkable Slovene band, if you leave aside the notorious Laibach gentlemen for a moment. Niowt do Wave-Rock in its most positive shaping. For they don't need any corny clichees, no bizarre stage show, their excessive richness of ideas, which often reminds of the fund of the eighties, the vocals of Mojca Krevel especially of Siouxsie & Co, is enough for them. The great thing about this is that it's fun, as the guitars roar and the beats crash where and how they should do it these days. So the only qualification for enjoying this exceptional album is a little weakness for slightly rainy moods.

Dr. Musik Slovenia

"Demoni meseca" - Demons of the Month NIOWT are an unconventional and in all respects original new-wave rock band. The magic and power of their expression are well premeditated, nevertheless incredibly intensive. Their music knows no cheap tricks, it is intelligent, deep and very complex. NIOWT examine the most intimate possibilities of expression that rock music offers. They are gloomy and bright at the same time, their numerous concerts are a never-ending chain of surprises, with the audience catching their breath in amaze. After the first half of the concert, the perplexity turns into spontaneous explosions of continuous applause, the situation one experiences at the concerts of classical music.

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Released: 1997

Track list

  • Horizon
  • No Sense
  • Puzzled
  • Mountains
  • Ode
  • City
  • Icon
  • Line
  • Phantom
  • They
  • TV's Out
  • Pastiche
  • City (version, bonus track)
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Intro Text Joe Asmodo

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