NIOWT - Band Members 1997

NIOWT -(left to right) Bostjan Vajs, Matej Puklavec, Robert Oven, Mojca Krevel, Peter Senk

NIOWT - (left to right) Bostjan Vajs, Matej Puklavec, Robert Oven, Mojca Krevel, Peter Senk


NIOWT’s singer and guitarist, and besides that: “can make any instrument work”!

Together with Peter Senk, Mojca is the musical “head” of NIOWT. She wrote the text fragments in the CD booklet, as well as most of the lyrics.
Mojca Krevel was born 1971in Sempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia.

From 1990-1997 she studied Comparative Literature and English at the University of Ljubljana, and graduated with a thesis on recent American fiction.
Mojca lives in Ljubljana as a freelance translator (a.o.: Ivan Burnell, The Power Of Positive Doing, Umberto Eco, The Semantics Of A Theatrical Performance, Ellen Scarry: The Structure Of Torture from Body In Pain, Boris Brovinsky: Od lekarne do bencinskega servisa), and is a junior researcher and assistant lecturer at the University of Ljubljana’s Department of English, Language and Literature.

Treatises: The Reception Of American Metafiction in Slovenia, From Beat to Postmodernism: William S. Burrough’s Naked Lunch and Cities Of The Red Night. This year she held a two-part lecture on Beat and William S. Burroughs the Ljubljana University, and there’s more lectures to come in winter.

Defended her MA thesis on cyberpunk literature in April 2000 and received the title Master of Arts in American Literature. Currently working on her PhD in American literature at the University of Ljubljana.

Other activities in music:
text and vocals on Peter Senk’s project “Watching Alice”
Music for a couple of Boris A. Novak’s (Slovene poet) poems, performed them live at a formal meeting with the poet.

Bands before NIOWT:
Papa’s Abortion.


He plays Keyboards, organ, moog, and writes the music together with Mojca Krevel. Live, Peter sometimes also plays bass, when bass player Robert is needed at the didgeridoo.

Peter Senk was born 1971 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Graduated from University in 1998 and working as an architect.

Musical background:
Studied piano for 12 years, music theory for 6 years, harmony and counterpoint for 3 years.
Other activities in music: music for theatre and dance performances (The Importance of Being Earnest, Preseren’s Head, Watching Alice)

Projects and exhibitions:
Took part in a number of international projects and workshops, award on international competition EASA Joint Project 94. Architecture exhibitions in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Zurich (Switzerland), Edinburgh (GB), Liege (Belgium); photography exhibition India 1996-97 at the Press Club Maribor, May 1997.


the best Didgeridoo player in Slovenia -
“… the only one, they say…”

He’s NIOWT’s bass and didgeridoo player.
Robert was born 1977 in Ljubljana.
He studies at the Theological Faculty in Ljubljana, but he doesn’t really intend to become a priest.

About his musical background:
He studied bass at Sergej Jereb, one of Slovenia’s leading bass-players. Before joining NIOWT, Robert played in several other bands. Robert frequently plays didge solo or with other musicians. At the moment he is collaborating on an experimental theatre project in a performance in which he is, amongst other things, playing didge.


drums, drums, drums…

NIOWT’s “Wunderkind”!
Bostjan was born 1981 in Ljubljana.
He was 13 when he joined NIOWT.

Finished high school in 1999, teaches drums at a music school and is gaining a reputation as Slovenia’s best studio drummer.

Before, he had been playing in the Slovenian bands Apeiron, Bombe, and Bad Nest.


More than NIOWT’s sound technician:

Matej Puklavec actually plays no instruments, nor does he sing - he is devoted to all kinds of machines that can produce or help producing music.
Matej was born 1971 in Ljubljana.

1991 he began his architecture studies at university. Like Peter Senk, who is also an architect, Matej is working on several international projects and workshops, and designed the culture centre of Ormoz, Slovenia. Besides that, he rendered the NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst) embassy in the Internet, and worked on some film projects of the Film School Ljubljana.

He joined NIOWT in 1993 and soon became much more than merely a sound technician (studio & live) - on the album, he did the samples and effects.