NIOWT Biography

1997 - Gerlinde Gronow, Artist & Repertoire, Chrom Records

First encounter…

Sometime the phone rang here late in the evening, a deep female voice introduced itself as Mojca Krevel and demanded quite upset to know what had become of her demotape.

The name of her band sounded like “njaut”, and she had to spell it ten times, until I had “NIOWT” on my notepad and could rummage through the demo piles gnawed by a guilty conscience. A singer, that was unusual, then also such a deep voice - it didn’t sound like the usual!

The music…

NIOWT turned out to be one of the strongest bands we’ve heard in a long time. Without wanting to open drawers, who likes Garbage or Siouxsie And The Banshees, will also be able to do something with NIOWT. Next to singer Mojca (pronounced: mojtsa) in action, however, Shirley Manson looks like a wallflower.



NIOWT are a hurricane! In Ljubljana, a ghastly rock band gave the travel-happy Chrom-Team a taste in the form of an improvised concert during the rebuilding break. The gathered rock fans, bawling one beer after the other, fell silent with horror when NIOWT started. Our last doubts whether what we had heard as a demo would also come across live were not only dispelled, but turned into bright euphoria. We expected to hear drum’n bass rhythms from the tape, instead we were confronted with a berserker of drummer who played even the most tricky breaks LIVE! Slightly irritated by the drummer’s delicate stature, we learned afterwards that he had just turned 16!

The album…

When it came to signing, Chrom was suddenly in a noble competition with another, well-known record company (whose name I of course will not reveal, but you may all be familiar). In the end, however, we were not awarded the contract because we had made a higher offer, but because NIOWT found our motto “we only take a few bands that we take care of all the better” trustworthy.

While you read these lines (or fly over them, or leaf over them?) they are mastering at full speed in Ljubljana - at a producer who has proven himself - Peter Penko! The artwork is already in the drafts, and as soon as we have the finished DAT in Munich, it will be produced. If nothing unforeseen happens, you can still hold the NIOWT CD in your hands this summer.