Release Information 1997
Niowt: City


Varied, tricky and yet a the same time appealing, complex… In short: somehow strange and exciting - these are the first impressions when listening to the debut album of NIOWT. And the programmatic “City” has already settled in your head - an earwig!

NIOWT is the pronounciation of an ancient egypt hieroglyph and means “city”. The name is programmatic - exciting, often bewildering trips through urban sceneries, which could be compared to the horrors of David Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs” and the fiction of the recently deceased William S. Burroughs; the booklet offers short stories by Mojca Krevel as points of reference. Postmodern fragments from the “intolerable Nineties”, as Mojca Krevel sings in “Phantom”.

NIOWT was formed in 1993 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and since, have become Slovenia’s No. 1 underground band. Now, their first album shows that NIOWT have all qualifications to make an international breakthrough: a charismatic singer and frontwoman, brilliant musicians, melodies, which are so strong that you can in between shutter them into pieces… Anyway, be their songs calm and relaxed (Ode), wild (No Sense) or explosive (City, Puzzled), NIOWT always means intelligent, deep music.

Track list:
  • Horizon
  • No Sense
  • Puzzled
  • Mountains
  • Ode
  • City
  • Icon
  • Line
  • Phantom
  • They
  • TV's Out
  • Pastiche
  • City (version, bonus track)