Ghetto Love
Studio-Album – Oliver Dean

Ghetto Love


One of the most beautiful dark songwriting-voices of the label.

Dean describes the ghettos of the lost hearts and dying emotions. What might be misleading to expect something heavily pathetic and whiny, Dean in fact transform highly elegant and schmaltz-free; and in a solo run. It takes Dean only few guest musicians and a richness of melodies to create the emotional denseness of a melancholic world view. But, again, don’t be mislead to fear a “ballad-album”. There are ballads, but they are of cool elegance and free of ressentiment. Actually, “Ghetto Love” is an album which works without any stereotypes: no running after trends, and the sonorous voice of Dean often seems to tell more than it sings, thus reminding of Cale, Cohen and Reed … A beautiful album, definitely not made for dancing or singing along, but best appreciated when simply listening to it.

Oliver Dean, Songwriter

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Released: 1998

Track list

  • Killing Pedestrians
  • Fall
  • Mortal Romances
  • Pressure Drop
  • Great Madonna
  • Pictures of you
  • Electric blue
  • Starlight
  • Prelude to trust
  • Lena's Dream
  • Static blue schemes
  • Vivir
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Cover Art + Photo: Irina Pasdarca

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