Run Run Vanguard

Run Run Vanguard

Dark Rock · Guitar

RUN RUN VANGUARD is the former band of Deine Lakaien-singer Alexander Veljanov. The band from Berlin was active from 1988 until 1994. It left us one album “Suck Success” that is highly acclaimed by Deine Lakaien-Fans, since they can hear their favourite voice in a completely different context, and that is an insider tip for friends of great guitar music.

Produced during the “Dark Star”-period of Deine Lakaien, this presently underestimated work disappeared from the sight of music fans. This album is a must have for Deine Lakaien-fans as well as for guitar-wave enthusiasts.

The album was produced single-handedly by the band of four but partially the songs were finalized with support by the English producer Dave Young (John Cale, Element of Crime, etc.).

Still, “Suck Success” gives an idea about how much drive and emotions the band evoked in the audience.

An extremely beautiful highlight is “Taga sa jug”, sung in Veljanov’s native language Maccedonian!

“Destructive music for the city, dark with a grain of hope…” [„Kaputte schwarze Großstadtmusik mit einer Prise Hoffnung…“] (Taz)

RUN RUN VANGUARD - Alexander Veljanov
RUN RUN VANGUARD - Alexander Veljanov
ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Timo Arndt Doc P. Bohge Werner Engel Alexander Veljanov

Releases on Chrom: 1993

Run Run Vanguard - Suck Success
Run Run Vanguard
Suck Success

Band Members

  • Alexander Veljanov
  • Doc P. Bohge
  • Timo Arndt
  • Werner Engel

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