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TAZ writes about the Berlin band RUN RUN RUN VANGUARD led by singer Alexander Veljanov (also frontman of Deine Lakaien): “Broken black city music with a pinch of loving hope, changing moods and sharpness juggling precisely. Absolutely perfect.”

The debut album entitled “Suck Success” was produced by the four-man band themselves, but some of the songs were completed with the help of English producer Dave Young (among others John Cale, Element of Crime).

The special charm of the music of RUN RUN VANGUARD lies among other things in the friction between partly rough, partly demanding energy, with which the rhythm/bass/guitar section even advances into grunge realms, and Veljanov’s emotionality, which can sometimes, if required, turn into unusual hardness and determination. Topics such as AIDS, career addiction, incest, life in exile can be found in RUN RUN VANGUARD as well as romantic-melancholic stories about love, suffering and redemption. The listener may particularly notice the Macedonian song “Taga sa jug”, whose lyrics, like all on this record, were written by Veljanov.

Run Run Vandguard

“Suck Success” can be seen as a representative cross-section of the band repertoire. The band, founded in 1988, played since December 1990 in the following line-up: “Timo Arnd, bass, Doc P. Boghe, guitar, Werner Engel, drums and Alexander Veljanov, voice.

The release of “Suck Success” was followed by a short tour, including a highly acclaimed appearance at PopKomm. Further appearances in small clubs followed, which many of us still remember well. Soon it became foreseeable, however, that the band, some of whose members had to leave Berlin for professional reasons, found it more and more difficult to work and set up together. The band split up at the end of 1994. What remains is a remarkable album that allows us to continue to share the energy and emotions of this unconventional ensemble.

  • Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
    Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
  • Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
    Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
  • Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
    Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
  • Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
    Run Run Vanguard 1990 - Trash Club LIVE
  • Run Run Vanguard 1988 - Band Photo
    Run Run Vanguard 1988 - Band Photo

Notes music magazine

It was known that Alexander Veljanov, the singer of the absolute cult band DEINE LAKAIEN, had another project going on, but so far there have been no recordings of this band. One only ever heard that Veljanov here tries other things, that with Run Run Vanguard he "cultivates his rocking mainstay" and the like. But you never didn't know exactly... Suck Success is an emotional rollercoaster. On this CD it has ballad-like pieces like "Time" or the wonderful (best piece of the CD!) in Macedonian sung "Taga sa Jug", then it has heavy rock/grunge material like the title piece. Run Run Vanguard ... get their special charm from the fact that the DEINE LAKAIENS' voice is suddenly in a completely different context and that takes getting used to. But it works.


...Until now inseparably connected with the transparent sound of the DEINE LAKAIEN, his distinctive voice - with the exception of the pieces "Debauchees" and "Harbour Of Silence" supported by a violin - is here embedded in the context of a classical instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums and placed over all styles of contemporary guitar music. As interesting as Run Run Vanguard sound, they also sound trendy. The deliberately seeming trendiness and the brevity of the CD are forgiven, however, because'Veljanov has discovered grunge as inspiration' - that's something! (Barbara Berrar)

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Released: 1993

Track list

  • Debauchees
  • Believers
  • Harbour of Silence
  • Keyvent
  • Taga sa jug
  • Suck Success
  • Time
  • His Story of Latah

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