SILENCE »Ma Non Troppo«
In own words

The debut album contains eleven - ups, sorry - twelve songs (we shouldn’t forget the peculiar hidden track, called “#1 Hit Single”) that are a compelling mixture of synthetic, analogue tunes, combined with drum’n’bass rythmics. Let me simplify; 1980’s tunes meet 1990’s grooves. As the 1980’s pop mostly concentrated on the harmonical part of the song, the 1990’s music is mainly based on the rythm. An interesting combination of both is how Silence envision the perfect tomorrow’s music.

Ma Non Troppo

Personal background information for
certain songs on »Ma Non Troppo«

Silence, 15. 8. 1999

Samuel’s Gabriel - The album’s first single is, believe it or not, a
cynical protest against the hipocracy of the Clergy and Christianity as a
political institution. Fred Stichnoth, the director of the video, decided to
add some sexuality to the song’s profound message and thus create a deeply provocative combination of religion and sex. Nice and kinky…. The video was filmed in Munich and on the shores of Kenia in July ‘97.

The Girl Of My Best Friend - In the beginning of ‘97, Silence were asked to contribute an Elvis cover for the sountrack of “Elvis De Luxe”, a bizarre theatric piece orchestrated by a bunch of young, progressive actors, also known as “The Grapefruit Theatre”. This is how The Girl Of My Best Friend, one of the most suggestive songs on the debut album, was created. Benko recorded the vocal in the first take, while lying in pitch-black dark under the sofa in Peter’s apartment at five o’clock in the morning. The whole song was recorded, mixed and finalized in less than three hours.

Kraljestvo macjih oci - The only song in Hladnik’s and Benko’s native
language on the album. The ballad’s gentle theme and the exotic mysticism of the slovene lyrics attracted the attention and sympathies of the people. Here’s a rough translation of the song, for all of you who would like to understand….

Far away
beyond the horizon
the distant morning rests
The night watches over the vacant town
where shadows replace people
Nothing is as it seems
here in Cats’ eyes kingdom

in night’s comforting embrace
you finally escape the questions
Questions that haunt you
from the moment you’re awake
The truth hurts less
here in Cats’ eyes kingdom

While you dance with your shadow
time slides through your fingers
and before you even notice
a ray of light
gently awakens you
Untill dusk
Cats’ eyes kingdom

#1 Hit Single - At first, #1 Hit Single was a half-minute joke, but it
slowly evolved into the most controversial song on the album. Hladnik wrote the bizarre “accordion solo” lying on the floor in Benko’s apartment using a small, toy synthesizer. Due to the explicit lyrics, the record label got scared and decided to remove the song from the album. After a long argument the band and the label decided to place it as a hidden track five (5!) minutes after the last “official” song on the album, I’m A Memory. The lyrics were also removed from the booklet…. just to end up here, in this home-page, and make your day. Enjoy the tasty snack!

You’re making a fool out of me
Gently, but thoroughly
You’re making a fool out of me
Fuck you, MTV

Abbreviation’s change
lies remain the same

New on Brainwash TV-
improved reality!
No fact is safe from us
Test us
and you will see
Nothing’s the same
when we’re done
It’s our tradition
from journalist to son