La maison de rendez vous
Soundtrack – Silence

La maison de rendez vous


Soundtrack for the Betontanc (the notorious contemporary dance theater) performance. A devious tale inspired by the work of Harold Pinter.

In Maison Des Rendez-Vous, six dancers - actors confront their fears and each other in a macabre room that seems to have a life of its own. Constantly swinging like a giant seesaw, the malevolent room deprives the performers of the one certainty we`re all accustomed to: the firm ground beneath our feet.


The soundtrack is probably a surprise for those who expected a record stylisticly similar to the group`s first two releases. The music on this record is mainly instrumental (except for the opening and closing song). It is an interesting mixture of analogue sounds, electro beats, exotic instruments (koto, shamisen, dulcimer etc.) and live rythmic experiments, underlined by a live string quartet (The Rozmarinke String Quartet, with whom Silence already successfully collaborated on numerous occasions).

Silence Soundtrack

Mystic, profound, occasionally almost classical, yet undeniably fresh and toyful: Maison Des Rendez-Vous brings a whole new dimension to the public`s perception of what Silence`s music is supposed to be.

(In distribution cooperation with Nika Records, Slovenia)

Released: 2003

Track list

  • The chant
  • Rose
  • The housekeeper
  • The weight of the walls
  • Unlikely assassins
  • A thread from below
  • Intruders
  • The seesaw room
  • Cockroaches
  • Killer hip-hop
  • La fête
  • Mr. Hudd refuses to sit
  • Violence
  • Bone dance
  • The chant (reprise)