Stendal Blast

Release Information 2000
Stendal Blast: Morgenrot


When the sun is hurting your eyes, when men in orange plastic suits are throwing crushed cans into the jaws of dustcarts, when the showers, giving warm air to the entrance of Woolworth, are still occupied and the dogshit still is warm on the pavement, it is “Morgenrot” (“dawn”); then old dramas end and new ones begin.

Stendal Blast’s new album is now released after 2 years of pausing and will be at Chrom Records and distributed by INDIGO. “Morgenrot” is about this moment of the day. Kaaja Hoyda, singer, songwriter and head of the band, therefore created unbelievable dense lyrics! Near to the edge between lust (“Wunderland”), madness (“Wo führt das hin?”), lampoons (“Das ist nichts!”) and quite ordinary situations (“Im Morgenrot”) he juggles himself and us through the mysteries of live.

When Hoyda - like in “Andere Mütter” - describes meeting a ruined woman, who is begging for love and respect, and him not knowing what to do, you would like to peel yourself because of helplessness. The song “Alle gegen die Schwerkraft” (“All against gravity”) expresses Hoyda’s wish to leave the old values and dusty rituals behind, because nothing seems to be harder than getting over gravity when standing with two feet on the ground. But nevertheless it is possible!

And at the end again there’s a new day and another chance for a new beginning. What ever you may have done wrong, everything becomes well in the dawn. Hoyda’s band (Bernhard Lottes, guitar, and the new member Fabian Dimski, bass) creates an original, catchy and fat dance music.

Christian Komorowski, live-violinist of Deine Lakaien, and Johannes Matthias, member of the famous Leipziger Thomaner Boys-Choir, could be won for the sadest moments of the album, “Keine Wahrheit”. “Loveback”, which has some English sung parts, is a cooperation with Franky Korea, a singer from Berlin, who is adding the needed sex to the song.

Track list:
  • Im Morgenrot
  • Julia
  • Jolante und Marie
  • Wunderland
  • Loveback
  • Wo führt das hin?
  • Heul nicht
  • Alle gegen die Schwerkraft
  • Das ist nichts
  • Schimmelreiter
  • Andere Mütter
  • Aktions-Ansage
  • Keine Wahrheit
  • Unterm Kirschbaum ist Schluß