Stendal Blast
Was verdorrt

Release Information 1995
Stendal Blast: Was verdorrt



Hit metal in the moldy rehearsal room, torment your ears for no reason. Guitars annoy, iron screams for help, the singer pretends to be crazy, but in reality he only has a headache.

On tour with CALVA Y NADA and THE ETERNAL AFFLICT. Live performance with Breñal from CALVA at his farewell concert.

The first demo tape lands at Chrom Records - and the record contract in Stendal.


“WAS VERDORRT” (what withers): Clear and straightforward; STENDAL BLAST is just out, no time for pointless playfulness. The pieces change strongly in their effect - sometimes more electronically, sometimes acoustically and noisily: But always euphorizing, not pathetic or arrogant.

The Neue Deutsche Welle played here, the brothers are LAIBACH, CALVA Y NADA, MAX GOLDT and the FRITZ-SCHMÜCKER-TRIO.


Results of an inescapable socialization: Sent to special gymnastics for flat feet, the first love, the second, and the third and the fourth; between sexual intercourse and impotence.

Everything around us and everything inside of us. Not complacent jelly, but cynical - brutal confrontation with the important and the void. Also very mean at the same time - just the piece further on, before which it normally horrifies us and where we prefer to back off rather than be honest. “In this sense” is real love, not Romeo and Juliet. “The King” is antifascist to the core. “New Man” is evil, packed in euphoric dance beats. “11 Kilopond” is a conclusion - perplexity, honestly meant, not suffering depressive.

The lyrics are hard and mean, at the same time cheeky and free.


A nice upper asshole, actually. Kaaja Hoyda behaves like a little boy, pretends to be a political leader. Voice and singing are milled into the ear, no stroking. He grumbles, grumbles, loves and hates. Sometimes he’s big, sometimes he’s small; sometimes stupid, sometimes smart. But he hasn’t gotten out of the tomb.

He is an everyday person with everyday problems and a tendency to break taboos through honesty. He sings in German, because he also drinks German beer and has a German identity card - and he knows German best…


One (Hajo Mönnighoff) is classically versed and loves contrasts between pathos and noise. He is the conductor and mathematician of the Stendal world of sound. The second (Bernhard Lottes) saws the guitar and would like to have sex with her. He is more introverted and channels emotion not through instrument mouth but through instrument guitar. The third (Le Puce), responsible for percussion and percussion. Ex-CALVA Y NADA drummer. He is responsible for the danceability of the pieces. Excellent and experienced live drummer.


STENDAL BLAST satisfy all senses.

STENDAL BLAST is for people who cannot or do not want to turn off their brains while dancing.

STENDAL BLAST makes you horny and impotent at the same time - depending on the application.

STENDAL is a city in the east, BLAST speaks for itself.

Track list:
  • Weiße Wände
  • Neuer Mensch
  • Nie mehr mit Dir schlafen
  • Zentralkomitee 1
  • 11 Kilopond
  • Mond gegen mich
  • Zentralkomitee 2
  • Liebling
  • Donald ist tot
  • In diesem Sinne
  • Zentralkomitee 3
  • Söldnertanz
  • O hochgewachsner Baum
  • Zentralkomitee 4
  • Er brennt innerlich
  • Der König