The Eternal Afflict

CD 1993–1994

The Eternal Afflict

Electro Wave · EBM · Electro · Dark Rock · Darkwave

The German band with front singer Cyan, keyboarder und composer Mark and producer Winus Rilinger exists since 1998. The Eternal Afflict are well-known for their passionate Dark-Wave and Electro-Wave hymns, which became loved and influencial for a whole scene generation.

Influenced by groups as Christian Death, Bauhaus or Virgin Prunes they produced and released 1991 their debut album Atroci(-me)ty, in 1992 followed by the EP (Luminographic) Agony (both at Glasnost Music). Both recordings include their greatest hit “San Diego”, which immediatey after the release became one of the most loved Dark-Wave hymns.

In 1993 The Aternal Afflict signed with Chrom Records, where they released the maxi single Childhood and the next full-lenght studio album War. Again some of their songs became club classics.

1994 the band separated. Known projects after this separation are Cyan Kills E.Coli and Inside, where they, to a certain extend, join forces again. 2001 the band re-united: The Eternal Afflict are back.

Marc + Cyan (The Eternal Afflict) - Photo ar/gee gleim


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The Eternal Afflict - War
The Eternal Afflict
The Eternal Afflict - Childhood Maxi Single
The Eternal Afflict
Maxi Single


Band Members

  • Cyan
  • Mark
  • Winus Rilinger

ADDITIONAL CREDITS • Band portraits: ar/gee gleim