Songwriting · Dark Rock · Guitar

Alexander Veljanov, singer of Deine Lakaien, has made his dreams come true that he had for several years: With friends and first-class musician colleagues, he has founded an acoustic solo project.

With his as eccentric as successful band Deine Lakaien, Alexander Veljanov has significantly influenced the German and European music scene documented by positions in the German charts up to number 4. He became a unifying figure with his special voice in a conflict of two areas, which seemed to exclude one another antagonistically in the first place – Dark Wave and avant-garde. Veljanov is working unremittingly with his Deine Lakaien partner Ernst Horn while having an increasing desire for returning to his Macedonian roots, which led to the foundation of his songwriting solo project “Veljanov”.

The first albums of Alexander Veljanov’s solo project VELJANOV were released at MOTOR Music / UNIVERSAL in cooperation with Chrom Records.

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